Somewhat pompously named, Mayank Chhaya Reports or MCR is the first of my tentative steps to offer substantive news stories on a fairly regular basis subject, of course, to the vagaries of independent journalism.


As the Biden administration calibrates its China policy and, as a defining part of it, steps up the Quad dynamic between the United States, India, Australia and Japan, it is as good a time as any to start a new show.


I open with an interview featuring John Bolton, a former National Security Advisor and US Ambassador to the United Nations, on the Biden administration's early foreign policy moves on China, the Quad, India-Pakistan, and Iran. He also offers his take on post-Donald Trump Republican Party as well as America generally.


Every time I jumped over the wall of my conscience 

I landed on the same side

Either there is no wall

Or there are no sides

Or there is no conscience

--Mayank Chhaya (1980)