Somewhat pompously named, Mayank Chhaya Reports or MCR is the first of my tentative steps to offer substantive news stories on a fairly regular basis subject, of course, to the vagaries of independent journalism.

Premiering a ghazal.


I began writing ghazals at 13. I am 60 now. It has taken me 47 years to have the pleasure of one of my ghazals being composed and sung.


I am inordinately thrilled that my school friend Shekhar Phatak from C.N. High School, Ahmedabad, is the one to have superbly composed and sung it. What is more, and quite fortuitously so, he has composed it in Raag Kirwani, a raag I particularly like. Not that I understand raags in their intricacies but I have some instinctive understanding of some of them.


This ghazal तेरे ख़याल आये और बेइजाज़त आये, जैसे मयख़ाने में बेसबब इबादत आये was written in five minutes or so like I do many of my ghazals. That was a couple of months ago.


The ghazal has been approved for release on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Pandora (worldwide jioSaavn and Hungama (worldwide except the US). Available in about 3 weeks.


Thank you very much, Shekhar.

Every time I jumped over the wall of my conscience 

I landed on the same side

Either there is no wall

Or there are no sides

Or there is no conscience

--Mayank Chhaya (1980)