A significantly updated, authorized biography of the Dalai Lama

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Vikram Lander: Dead or Alive? 


Vikram Lander: Dead or Alive? Professor Bharat Thakkar, Ph.D., a highly respected expert of quality control and reliability of systems, joins hands with veteran journalist and writer Mayank Chhaya to offer a quick but credible primer on whether the Indian Space Research Organization’s (ISRO)'s lunar lander Vikram could have survived its failed descent.

My original interview when the first edition was published in 2007

The documentary is now available for download for $10 apiece.

"Chhaya's work exemplifies the virtues of objective journalism and scholarly research; given that the documentary's subject is not one that would easily draw the attention of viewers. "Gandhi's Song", however, manages to keep its viewers engrossed, enlightens them and yet leaves it to their good sense to perceive the lessons that find mention in the song -- propagated and popularised by Gandhi.”

--Saket Suman, IANS Wire,

India’s largest independent news agency

"Mayank's documentary flows like a stream with an idyllic beauty. Foraying into a territory that is devoid of any populism and allows no scope for playing to the gallery, Mayank gives it the character, chastity and temperance it calls for. The result is over 70 minutes of spell-binding narrative characterized by an articulation you don't get to hear in these times of frivolous."

--Raju Korti, Veteran journalist and writer

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