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Mayank Chhaya is a respected journalist and writer with close to four decades of reporting out of India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and the United States. He has reported all major news stories out of India since 1982. He is a widely published commentator on global affairs but in particular on South Asian and Sino-Tibetan affairs.


He is also an authorized biographer of the Dalai Lama whose book ‘Man, Monk, Mystic’ has been published in 24 languages around the world, including in America by Random House.

The book has been updated with four new chapters under a new title 'The Dénouement: The 14th Dalai Lama's life of persistence' and is available at Amazon


Chhaya is also the writer, director, editor and cameraman of a feature-length critically acclaimed documentary titled ‘Gandhi’s Song’ which is now going through international distribution.


He is currently working on three more books, including one about the coronavirus pandemic. 


Chhaya is also a painter whose works have begun to sell across the world.

Mayak Chhaya's CV
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