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"At 83, the Dalai Lama is closer than ever before to his corporeal mortality. China is watching out with considerable morbid interest for that eventuality."

From 'Dalai Lama The Dénouement' by Mayank Chhaya

As the standoff between the Dalai Lama the individual and China the state enters 60th year in March 2019, its resolution seems as distant as it was in 1959 when the 24 year-old Buddhist monk and his group of aides entered India’s territory on March 30, 1959, and Tezpur in Assam on April 18.


When the Dalai Lama turns 84 this July 6 he would have spent six decades of his life as a stateless refugee. 'Dalai Lama: The Dénouement' is a comprehensive account of his life in exile, away from his home in Lhasa, Tibet,  based on more than a dozen personal interviews over the years. 

The biography offers remarkable insights into this over six-centuries-old institution as embodied by a single individual which now faces its possible dénouement. 

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